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Are you interested in maybe marriage and a future with him? Talk to him now and ask him what his parents would think about the two of you so you know where you stand. If you have a question, or need some straight-up girl talk, Ms.

And don’t worry about being shoved into the corner. Email her at The world of Western women dating Chinese men can be fraught with confusion, misunderstandings and difficulties.

There’s not such an informal dating culture here as in the West, and the period of “secrecy” is kinda like the dating stage in Western countries.

That way, if you break up soon, no harm done and no face lost.

I’m not saying that is gonna happen, but there is a chance based on his current more conservative behavior.

I know it’s a new relationship but many Chinese guys move fast so you need to know where you stand before you fall too hard.

If you think the tips about dating a Chinese guy will be as shallow as to how to properly use the chopsticks, think again.

These ladies have had valuable experiences that make them share deeper thoughts. " Dating a Chinese guy and other Asian men will make you feel less empowered when it comes to paying the bill.

Most couples in China hide their relationships from others until it’s serious.He’s not embarrassed of you, he’s just not ready to tell his closest friends and co-workers about you until it becomes a more real thing.It shows he isn’t treating you differently because you are a foreigner, and certainly hints that he is open to thinking of a future with you.The only thing I would caution is this is the more traditional behavior of young people these days.Kids in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities tend not to keep relationships secret in this way anymore.

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