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Apoptosis is a natural cellular process that helps control cancer by inducing death in cells with oncogenic potential.Many oncogenes function by altering induction of apoptosis.Upon transformation, mi R-34a increased (Jurkat) or decreased (He La) programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cells.Uncontrolled cell proliferation is a hallmark of cancer.[0008] Correcting gene expression errors by manipulating mi RNA expression or by repairing mi RNA mis-regulation represent promising methods to repair genetic disorders and cure diseases like cancer.A current, disabling limitation of this approach is that, as mentioned above, the details of the regulatory pathways and networks that are affected by any given mi RNA, including mi R-34, remain largely unknown.Currently, it is believed that perfect or nearly perfect complementarity leads to m RNA degradation, as is most commonly observed in plants.

More specifically, the invention relates to methods and compositions for the treatment of diseases or conditions that are affected by mi R-34 micro RNAs, micro RNA expression, and genes and cellular pathways directly and indirectly modulated by such. BACKGROUND [0003] In 2001, several groups used a cloning method to isolate and identify a large group of "micro RNAs" (mi RNAs) from C.

elegans, Drosophila, and humans (Lagos-Quintana et al., 2001; Lau et al., 2001; Lee and Ambros, 2001).

Several hundreds of mi RNAs have been identified in plants and animals-including humans-which do not appear to have endogenous si RNAs.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION [0009] The present invention provides additional compositions and methods by identifying genes that are direct targets for mi R-34 regulation or that are indirect or downstream targets of regulation following the mi R-34 -mediated modification of another gene(s) expression.

Furthermore, the invention describes gene, disease, and/or physiologic pathways and networks that are influenced by mi R-34 and its family members.

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