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As Lisa Cotter explains in her blog about “evangedating,” “sometimes God uses human love and attraction to bring people closer to Him.” Check out her article to read about scenarios where dating a non-Christian could be where God is (or isn’t) leading you.I can tell you from my experience, though, that there are a lot of advantages in dating (and marrying) a Catholic.I wrote about that already (here) so let’s just jump to what you can do to help your loved one be or stay open to Catholicism during the dating years. Why do we believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist? Signing up to be a sponsor for RCIA is a great way to become re-catechized and this will help you to fully understand the personal process that is conversation.There is a campy song from my Protestant youth group days with the refrain “they will know we are Christians by our love.” When we live our faith in plain sight, the joy that comes from living a sacramental life is transparent to those in our lives. Go to Mass, read the daily readings, and develop your prayer life.While dating Brian, I got to see the real beauty in dating someone that had the same values and faith that I was striving for.Relationships are never easy, but when you’re both able to trust in God and share your faith, you gain so much.Marriage is about two people committing to love, serve, and support each other on the journey toward Heaven.If you want to know whether you should date someone, Catholic or not, pray and ask the Lord for His advice.

We should always try to be growing in our own faith life.

We attend Mass and worship and praise God together as a family.

(You can read more here about how faith impacts my married life).

There was little room for compromise in our wedding ceremony because, well, rules are rules, but I knew that once we set up our home, I would have the influence over my children’s understanding of Christianity. They can be hard to accept, but they make rational sense once you begin to explore them.

Little did I know that five years after we were married the Holy Spirit would call me to be in full communion with the Church. If you are hoping for conversion of a loved one, it is a good idea to dig a little deeper into what your faith actually believes.

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Was it more important that I married this man and begin to embrace Catholicism a bit at a time because it was important to him?

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