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She wants a college education, so had no other option.She tried to apply for government grants, scholarships, but the irony is that her parents make enough money so that she’s not eligible for anything.As one family member says: ‘The more interviews she did, the more the truth came out that the family didn’t cut her funding.She just said that paying such a large amount would be a strain on any family, but it’s hard to see they’d abandoned her.His Indian wife comes from a culture where pornography is generally vilified.Educating their children and setting them on the right path meant everything to them, say family members, and their financial outlay on their children’s education has been staggering, even on Dr Weeks’s six-figure salary.

He and his wife Harcharan are heartbroken over what Miriam is doing Amanda Minor, the mother-in-law of Miriam’s brother Paul, told Mail Online: ‘This is a tragedy in the family.But they’d never abandon her, ever.’'You may find that the family has been under some stress recently for heroic reasons, said Mrs Minor, who lives in Lacey, Washington.‘Your dad being away from home in a war zone, that’s going to put some stress on everyone else.’The 18-year-old appeared on front pages across the globe and sat down with Piers Morgan for a CNN interview using only her stage name and claiming that she was not ashamed of what she was doing and, in fact, felt ‘empowered’ by her career. In the first semester, her parents worked out a payment plan with the university for tuition of ,000 a month.Mrs Minor, who spoke to son-in-law Paul just as the news broke and said he was ‘devastated’, added: ‘I think she’s taken this woman empowerment a bit too seriously.She’s left home for the first time, and at the age of 18, she’s seeing how much she can earn.'I think she’s taken this woman empowerment a bit too seriously...

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