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Chat rooms are also great places to try out new identities and personalities.

Teens, in particular, are drawn to chat rooms, because they allow them to experiment with different selves.

It’s an act of kindness from a mother who, in many ways, has failed her child.

She might be scamming the hotel, but Baker still doesn’t want to overlook the goodness that drove her actions.

People tend to state their thoughts and opinions more emphatically in chat rooms than they would ever dare in real life.

Like message boards, chat rooms are popular spots for so-called flame wars in which two or more users enter into a tirade of insults sparked by a minor disagreement.

If you're going to spend a lot of time in chat rooms, you have to learn to ignore all the noise and concentrate on your own conversations.

The anonymity of chat rooms also encourages people to share unabashed opinions.

There’s no scene that better sums up Bobby’s character than one brief, private exchange between him and a flock of birds that arrives near the end of the movie.

Chat rooms have always been popular spots for flirting with the opposite sex.

One of the unfortunate realities of chat rooms is that sexual talk -- sometimes harmless, sometimes explicit -- often appears in rooms that have nothing to do with dating, sex or relationships.

“The man in there gets arrested a lot,” 6-year-old Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) explains to a friend as she shows her around the building.

“This woman thinks she’s married to Jesus.” Moonee and her young mother Halley (Bria Vinaite) live a tough life in one of the Magic Castle’s motel rooms.

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The Florida Project is, for most of its running time, a verité slice-of-life film without much of a real plot; the director Sean Baker’s camera stays low to the ground as he follows Moonee and her pals on various little adventures. Halley, who made money mostly by selling knock-off perfume to tourists, has turned to sex work and started behaving erratically. Have a good day,” Bobby rambles to himself as he chases these beautiful creatures away for their own safety.

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