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Nevertheless he was this sly, nearly juvenile delinquent (like all of us) stoner guy, 15 years old, and we would go over to his house and smoke weed and listen to albums like Jimi Hendrix “Are You Experienced” and have this total space voyages on weed.

My early pot trips were extremely weird for a long time – almost as bizarre and otherworldly and even terrifying but exciting as LSD trips, with the exception of being utterly hilarious in some weird, scary extraterrestrial way.

All of my relatives live in that culture more or less. Some of my best friends growing up were Mexican or half-Mexican. But all of those people pretty much just acted like White people. Too bad I only knew her for a weekend, which I basically spent with her.

I even had Mexican girlfriends and dated half-Mexican teenage girls. They had fully assimilated into ordinary California American culture. Chicano culture in the 1970’s was far less toxic than it is today.

More like a culture that is pure crap, like Black culture.

It’s not nearly as bad as Black culture (Black ghetto culture is 2-3X worse statistically but probably much worse on the ground), but I don’t like Mexican or Chicano (Mexican-American) culture, sorry. I grew up with White middle class culture, and that’s the culture I prefer. I am a bigot if I prefer my own culture to other cultures? I have grown up around it my whole life, and I don’t like it.

His father ran a barber shop and was a typical macho Mexican man.

Their culture basically blew, as it was gang culture centered around being lowriders, driving souped up vehicles, and listening to “oldies” pop music from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

African elephants, for being wild and having never been domesticated, are not less elephantine than the ones used in India and Indochina as beast of burden or transportation, in the same way the wild African buffaloes are by no means less bovine than the domestic buffaloes used in India to till the soil: quite the contrary, anybody would qualify the African elephant as more elephant-like by its spectacular bodily features than its more modestly-looking Indian far cousin, for the same reason wild bulls and buffaloes have always symbolized the epitome of bovine nature with far more intensity and sacredness than domestic oxen.

Europeans are not more human than Africans, they are more domesticable and amenable to so-called civilized life, actually it is a more polite expression to say they are easier to enslave and put to hard work by neurological programming rather than by mere physical shackles only.

None of them did well in school, and they were very apathetic.

The girls often had teardrop tattoos on their eyes.

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