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Parallel dazu freie Mitarbeit für schweizerische und deutsche Medien wie "Tages-Anzeiger", "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", "Die Welt" und "GEO".

2006 Stationen beim Schweizer Fernsehen in Zürich und in der Entwicklungsredaktion der deutschen "Vanity Fair" in Berlin.

She's taken part in marathons in Belgium and Dubai.

But if she wants to run in Riyadh, she has to go to the secluded diplomatic quarter, where the embassies are and only foreigners live.

Segregation of the sexes is still Saudi Arabia's raison d'état, keenly monitored by the national vice squad. Ikhtilat is a term used to describe the free mixing between men and women, while khalwa is a more serious offense -- namely, when a woman is with a man alone, be it in a room or car. Even friends will rarely have met one another's wives. These principles form the mainstay of this fundamentalist state.

Nevertheless, much progress has been made, even if Saudi Arabia is still decades behind much of the rest of the world.

He promised her he would be tolerant and open-minded, but once they were married, he forced her to wear a niqab, which left only her eyes uncovered. "Once I had to give a shop assistant my bra size," says Alamri. I was deeply embarrassed." Trying anything on was out of the question.

There are no changing rooms in stores in Saudi Arabia.

The Shura Council is merely an impotent pseudo-parliament. They are still infantilized by law, legally controlled by male guardians.There are now even women's shelters in Saudi Arabia and discussions of violence against women are no longer the taboo they used to be. She just returned from her first trip abroad --- to Dubai. Saudi Arabia's raison d'état These days, women can check travelers' passports at the airport, work as lawyers filing complaints in court, sit on executive boards and enter the diplomatic corps.The way women are perceived has changed - as has the way they perceive themselves. Female entrepreneurs are running successful catering services, developing apps and designing abayas they then sell via Instagram."I used to be afraid all the time, I avoided speaking to strangers," says Alamri. For the last two years, 30 of the 150 members of the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia, the Shura Council, have been women handpicked by the former King."But then I started to open up and meet people, and to enjoy life." Her husband, however, began to stop by the store where she worked. At the end of the year, women will be able to vote for their local council for the first time and also to run as candidates.

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