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Regardless, this is one of the most irrational views people hold. In many ways, a 40 year-old woman dating a 20 year-old guy is really dating a 17 year-old guy, while a 40 year-old man dating a 20 year-old woman is really dating a 23 year-old woman.

Therefore technically society should be much more freaked out about younger men and older women than the reverse.

An over-30 woman had it up there and she thought it was great. I wonder what would have happened if I had put up the exact same thing except with the genders reversed. Shortly after that, I married a woman six years older than me. So I’m uniquely qualified to talk about the double standard people have regarding gender bias in “May December” relationships. People look at the man and say and think “what a pig”, “how shallow!

Do you think all those same over-30 women would have liked sleep with much younger people it’s insulting and sick. You see a 40 year-old woman with a 20 year-old man as a couple. ”, “I’ve lost all respect for him now”, and “well, it’s clear what he’s all about! People look at the young woman and say and think, “what a slut! ”, “doesn’t she know she’s being taken advantage of? ” Notice no one was asking about the younger parents or state of mind in the reverse circumstance. It’s completely illogical, it’s totally unfair, and it’s typical of the bullshit society mashes into your brain.

Het hoeft dan ook niet te verbazen dat kortademigheid door stress kan veroorzaakt worden.

Maar belangrijker dan de oorzaak te kennen, is te weten wat je tegen de stress (en de kortademigheid) kan doen.

Though again, I tend to not flaunt these women too much.

In one comment, she managed to pull out just about every weapon in the irrational arsenal of woman logic when discussing this issue.

This includes things like: – Immediately bring up pedophiles. – Immediately paint the worst possible scenario, that of a gross old fat bald guy who leaves his poor starving wife with a bunch of screaming children for a younger, hotter, dumber woman. – Immediately say/imply any man dating a much younger woman is a “pig” suffering from a midlife crisis.

– Using the self-centered “logic” (used so often in politics) that says “Since I don’t want to do it, you shouldn’t be allowed to do it.” – Imply that shaming men and celebrating women is “equal” because of things that happened decades ago before most of us were even born.

Well, I used to be that guy, so I’ll tell you exactly how they react. Now take the exact same situation except swap the genders of the couple.

Still more of it is caused by angry and/or repressed married beta males.

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