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While I doubt the little oriface can "dump" all the compression generated when cranking fast, there is never any doubt in one's mind when the piston has covered the entry hole because the noise stops and the cranking gets real tough real quick.

I hang a rag over it when it is open on start-up because it can blow out a big loogie of oily splooge which isn't too good, depending on which way it's pointed! Frankly, I wouldn't want to try to crank this without a little relief!

The engine used clockwise rotation as a standard, but some counter-clockwise engines were produced.

While they were a very sturdy, reliable engine, they did have a few flaws, one of which was that the water tap poured water over the oil filler.

Judging by the setup this seems to have it should have an ML flick mag.

I will probably have to remove the flywheels, as it appears to have been run on a 50-50 oil and water mix for quite some time!

The serial number dates it as being between 19, I'm guessing slap bang in the middle of the two. Uses an ML magneto, chain drive, no impulse or retard to start feature.

The fuel tank was moved from halfway up the engine to the top, and the shaft-drive magneto was replaced by a chain-driven unit in the early 1930s.

It had two separate tanks, one for paraffin, and another for petrol.

The engine was started on petrol, but could cut over to paraffin by means of a 3-way tap.

Note my "Kiwi Ingenuity" brand jig for removing the barrel: A block of wood. Well, it's now about as stripped as I can get it until I figure out a way to get the flywheels off.

I have an idea rattling around in my head involving a 2 ton bottle jack and some U-channel iron.......have to wait until payday methinks!

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