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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Thus there are three scheduled end time advances against Israel, not just Ezekiel’s.

First comes Psalm 83, the Arab-Israeli war, followed promptly by the Ezekiel 38 and 39 Russian – Iranian invasion, and lastly the campaign of Armageddon by the Antichrist.

I have not read the book “Isralestine”, by Bill Salus but it sounds like an intriguing prophetic explanation of end time events.

Almost all futurist Bible prophecy students will agree that there are three end time wars involving Israel.

In the mix somewhere is the destruction of Damascus since the prophecy has never been fulfilled yet.

I have heard enough about this book to know that Bill Salus makes a strong case for the war of Psalm 83 coming first.

Sookie says, "What they didn't get was that (reckless and wild as my brother was) Jason's favorite person in the entire universe was Jason Stackhouse." In the first book, Jason is suspected of killing a series of girls in Bon Temps.Introduced in the first novel, Dead Until Dark, Jason is Sookie Stackhouse's older brother and road crew supervisor for Bon Temps.Jason is known as a ladies' man and is associated sexually with many women in Bon Temps and other neighboring communities.The destruction of Damascus will be such a powerful world event that Isaiah was instructed to boldly and succinctly state, the burden against Damascus.“Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.” (Isaiah 17:1, NKJV) Isaiah further announces that the fortified cities of Syria will be forfeited into Israeli sovereignty.

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