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Certainly we can and need to extend some level of trust to the people who come to us for help or we will never develop a therapeutic relationship.” From extensive research on the topic, respected addiction experts Mark Sobell, Ph D, and Linda Sobell, Ph D, psychologists at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, summed up their findings with: “If people believe what they are telling you will be confidential – particularly that it will not incur adverse consequences – and they are asked in a clinical or research context, then what they say tends to be reliable and valid.

Jerry Costly, LCSW, owner of De Novo mental health and addiction clinic in Salt Lake City, stated, “One myth that needs to be addressed is, “If their lips are moving addicts are lying.” I was shocked when a renowned expert in the field said to me while writing Inside Rehab: “They’re all liars,” as he defined addiction.

Physicians, that’s who – when communicating with patients having a history or in the throes of addiction.

In addition to doing extensive research for two books on addiction and recovery, I’ve now had the opportunity to work in an outpatient substance use and mental health disorder treatment facility for more than a year.

” Most people who overcome substance problems do it without going to any type of formal treatment program.

(AA and NA are not treatment – they’re support groups.) A major 2006 study published in Addiction from one of the largest and most ambitious surveys ever done on alcohol problems and treatment, called the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC), revealed that seven out of ten people who were in recovery for the previous year attained their status without seeking any help at all or by going to AA meetings.

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Costly added, “Like most of us, individuals with addictions who feel their survival is threatened will lie.

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