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Soon, their friendship evolved into an on-again, off-again relationship, she said. “He was telling people about Padre but it was a very different story,” she said.“Now that I can see it, he was very manipulative in what he did and how he got you to have feelings for him,” Lewis said. “He knew everyone and everyone knew him,” Lewis said. In his story, Kimbro insisted that sex with the woman inside a resort restroom had been consensual, Lewis said.He said he had returned to the beach to look for his best friend when he was met by officers and arrested, Lewis said.

For the 23-year-old woman, it’s more than just a casual curiosity. At the University of Arkansas, Lewis had been a sorority sister and later roommate to one of the victims, Molly Matheson. Two different people,” Lewis said in a recent telephone interview with the Star-Telegram.“Looking back, I could tell something was wrong,” recalled Lewis. Lewis said Kimbro had called her the Monday after Molly’s death, saying he was in Fayetteville and was planning on visiting her in Missouri.“He said he was coming to surprise me the next day because I hadn’t seen him since October,” Lewis said.“As far as their relationship and what exactly it entailed, I kind of knew bits and pieces of what Molly felt like she needed to tell me,” Lewis said.”They always seemed fine. Lewis was at a Fayetteville bar in December of 2015, nursing a recent break-up, when she ran into Kimbro.“I felt like I was just meeting someone new,” Lewis recalled.

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He told me, ‘Don’t tell anyone.’ I guess I could have taken that as a ‘Why? ’” Lewis said though she didn’t believe Kimbro had anything to do with Matheson’s death, she feared authorities would.

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