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We worked at a magazine that covered books, so I mentioned a new nonfiction title coming out called The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant.

The second the title left my mouth, one woman, a 50-something with a blonde bob and photos of her two kids plastered around her office, snorted so loud she nearly dropped her drink."Oh PLEASE," she guffawed.

"Is it just the words 'Have lots of sex' repeated for 200 pages??

Biggest mistake; I didn't use a condom, she didn't ask for a condom and she was on her period (...brbrbrbb I know) but we did it...

We eventually broke up, as I fixed things with my ex.

Weeks go by, I see she's over me and found a new boyfriend (I'm happy for her) We never really chat anymore - even thou we have each other on BBM.

What no one mentions is that there's a perfectly good chance that you won't get pregnant on the first go-round. Even the word we use for sex when it's supposed to result in pregnancy — "trying" — is unsexy.

Trying.)Visit Your for the full story: Trying To Get Pregnant?

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Though for some women it is still not obvious to anyone other than themselves that they are pregnant.

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