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In the UI Actor class, create an override of “Actor” by right clicking the class and selecting “New VI for Override” and then selecting “Actor” and clicking OK.

This is the VI we will use to create our user interface shortly.

In the previous installment, we built a very simple program which consisted of a single actor and a single message.

Within each of these libraries, create a virtual folder called “Messages” and create a new class with the same name as the library (DAQ Actor.lvclass and UI Actor.lvclass). Now that our actors are created, it is time to start configuring them.

This is the control that specifies the data that your actor will contain.

If this is a new concept to you, you can think of this as the “shift register” of a typical Queued Message Handler loop.

We’ll be creating our DAQ task in “Pre Launch” and clearing our DAQ task in “Stop”.

We’ll also need a Static Dispatch method in the DAQ Actor class which we will call “”, which will perform a single shot DAQ read.

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As such, use the message maker tool to create messages for “” and “Update Data”.

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