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“Have you ever seen the Incredible Hunk try to dance? “It’s so awkward looking.” Jeremiah also shares that his parents met a strip club where his dad danced — his signature song was Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Accordingly, Jeremiah’s dating philosophy is a bit skewed.

During their first “family dinner,” Nilsa reveals her marriage to a Marine crumbled after she had a miscarriage and then her husband cheated on her.Nilsa has her eyes on Jeremiah, though, so when Gus mentions over dinner that Jeremiah asked out Kortni, she quickly turns on both her friend and Gus. ” Nilsa asks Gus, before asserting to the producers, “At the end of the day if I want Jeremiah, I will have Jeremiah.Kortni is no competition for me.” The fact that Nilsa turns on her one true friend in the house for a man she’s known for less than 48 hours is particularly unbecoming since Kortni springs to Nilsa’s defense when Nilsa claims Jeremiah’s lady friend made the “I’m watching you” gesture to her one messy night out.While stumbling out of the cab topless and wearing sunglasses, Kortni declares, “I’m a trashed-ass bitch.” Jeremiah Buoni The Clark Kent lookalike hails from Florida’s Amelia Island and wants to break the age-old stereotype that homeschooled kids are weird.Jeremiah fails to do that, though, when he wears suspenders on his date with Kortni, constantly chooses cleaning the kitchen as his late-night drunk activity of choice and pulls out dance moves that welcome comparison to a less attractive superhero.

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He gets her number and invites Mary Jo for a night of debauchery with the roommates, where she makes the aforementioned “I’m watching you” motion at Nilsa.

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