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Local agents decided it was easier for them to get 20% from 100 people than to get 100% from 20 people.They started paying percentages from their profits to “models” (pretty girls who pose for photos) and “translators” (people who type letters).

This is until their letter writing expenditure extends into thousands of dollars.“We will find him someone else when he visits here”, that is what a local agent in my home town Ekaterinburg, Russia, told me, when he was trying to convince me to answer a man I didn’t like, but who liked my profile very much.Lovestruck suitors happily pay approximately per letter – so called “credits” are purchased in advance for amounts of -0.The sites also offer pay-per-message, pay-per-minute text and video chat.With the political anarchy in Ukraine in recent years, there is almost no control over so called “marriage agencies”.Whether the girl in the photos had any desire to marry someone from overseas became superfluous.

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Women who are seeking a relationship with the goal of a prospective marriage through online dating sites, while at the same time living in another country, are often classified by the media as mail order brides.

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