Foreign men dating chinese women

If you don’t manage it within that small window of time they worry and fuss.

It’s ridiculous.’ 'There’s no question that a lot of women rush into marriage with the wrong person,’ says Leta Hong Fincher, a doctoral candidate in sociology at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

'While you’re at university your parents constantly discourage you from having relationships; they tell you to focus on your studies,’ continues Wu Manling.

Unfortunately for China’s women their new-found confidence has incited a backlash from men, the government and even their own families.

The popular Chinese label (leftover women), regularly perpetuated in state-controlled media and on internet message boards, refers to women who are smart, successful and moneyed but still not married by the age of 28.

'The most popular woman is the traditional, angelic type,’ she says.

A faint smile crosses her lips as she admits that many search for women with 'large breasts and slim figures’, adding, 'The most common profession searches are for girls who are teachers or nurses, as men think those women will be able to educate and care for their children well.’ By contrast, says Gong, women’s requirements are multiplying all the time, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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