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It's a security measure based on the app package name and the sha1 fingerprint.To do that, you have to : Don't have the reputation to comment on the accepted answer...In the Play Console go to Release Management - App signing If you opted in to Google Play App Signing, you'll see 2 certificates there along with all of their fingerprints.Use the App Signing Certificate fingerprint instead of the Upload Certificate which is your Key Store.Step 4: You can sign up using your Facebook log in details, but for this example we are signing up with email.First, select your gender by clicking on the icons representing man or woman next to 'I am'.

The reason for this is because my debug build Type in gradle had 'application Id Suffix ".debug"'.

Registering my app in the google dev console wasn't working for me.

It turned out that since I was using the debug gradle build, I had to append ".debug" to the package name in google dev console.

Unfortunately, Pay Pal requires users in some countries, such as New Zealand, to create an account. If this occurs, trying again later or using an alternate credit card has helped many customers. This is made to disable automatic updates, but it also appears to disable the notification, at least for me.

While purchasing a legitimate copy is highly recommended, it is still the user's choice and not particularly a topic for this question.

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