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It was there that their marriage date was officially confirmed and both families met for the first time altogether. I wish I had taken some pictures, but I was too busy eating (and sleeping – I didn’t sleep well on the train). It involved a lot of Puja, or prayer, many different rituals including coconuts, vegetable paste, necklaces, bracelets, and turbans, and a pandit (Hindu priest) with ear hair that was at least four inches long. The bride’s family gives gifts to the groom’s and vice versa, arranged by family position.For example, bride’s maternal grandma gives groom’s maternal grandma a gift and so on.My last post from Bharat Mata will be the broad reflection that seems necessary after such an experience.After that, I think I’ll play Indore Adventures by ear.

I know very, very well how difficult it is to sustain curiosity about any one subject over ten whole months.

The women of the two families also have vigorous singing competitions, where the main judging characteristic seemed to be volume.

One thing I noticed throughout the event is that Indian wedding ceremonies seem to be very competitive.

I’m actually surprised I still get any views whatsoever on this blog.

There’s only so many selfies and pictures of historical sites and scenery that anyone can view before getting bored, and when you combine that with my progressively less engaged prose, I’m frankly shocked that I don’t get more horrible comments telling me to stop inflicting myself on the eastern/western cannon.

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