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Living with him was younger brother Jesse Lee and wife Mary Jane Thomas.

These claims were made by people who did not support the confederate cause and yet were someway wronged by the Union forces.

Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0175".6) Michael will confess to and discuss random events that just happened when visiting his psychiatrist, like sleeping with prostitutes or running over pedestrians.7) The little “tink tink tink” cooling off sound cars make when turned off is present.27) Burning rubber (or doing other attention-getting things) will lead to NPCs whipping out their phones to film you.

29) NPCs will cover their heads or run for awnings when it starts raining.

But it’s arguably GTA 5’s slavish, beyond-obsessive attention to the tiniest details that truly sets the game apart from other AAA blockbusters.

Easter eggs and amusing character-switching moments have intentionally been excluded - this is strictly a list of 100 examples of Rockstar's peerless attention to detail, not a list of best moments.

His mom Sam said she was terrified after learning about her son's accident.Neighbor John Cavin applied for a Southern Loyalists Claim in 1874.Thomas sold part of their land to the Cedar Bluff Land Mining and MFG Co.And Zac Efron, his younger brother Dylan and their pal, Olympic gold medal swimmer Connor Dwyer, turned up as Team Flow to compete in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon at Zuma Beach in Los Angeles County on Sunday.The trio helped raised funds for the hospital's pediatric cancer center.

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