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He and his coauthor, Anthony Di Franzo, didn’t speculate too much on all the internal physics of this.But, they believe “if we want to start making specific predictions for what to look for, we might have to start thinking more about all these different possibilities, since a source of energy in the dark sector will change how dark matter clumps distribute themselves.” So a mechanism for cooling dark matter might not work on a scale to form whole galaxies or other natural megastructures, but it could, under this model, form smaller objects.It goes something like this: We have indirect evidence of dark matter but don’t know what it’s made out of.When astronomers map our galaxy and other galaxies, they can take out all known objects and visible gasses and discover invisible structures indicating big clouds of dark matter.But under typical conditions, dark matter would just have a series of false starts and stay clumpy, diffuse clouds.“If there is more internal physics for the dark matter, then you can imagine that as the clumps of material start accreting together, you could get some process that releases energy, like fusion does for the baryons,” Buckley says.Yes, indeed, this was already starting to feel pretty damn special. Standard dirt floor, walls carved out of the bedrock and dirt that the rest of the house sat on. Famke, my darling girlfriend, had done some re-decorating. In fact, I can see them whenever I want.”The one with the sown lips – Mikey – looked at me and a mixture of rage and pain flooded his face.

Enya played softly from the stereo and a patchouli haze gave her place a mellow tone. “Remember, he was the one who talked about me too much at work? His arms and legs seemed like they were one – what looked like incredibly thin wire bound his arms together in front of him as well as his legs and both sets looked as if gangrene had set in.“Tommy. I spank him sometimes just to keep his circulation going, but it looks like he’s overdue.”“Famke,” I whispered. She came around in front of me and kissed my unmoving lips. I never actually stopped seeing my other boyfriends, Mikey and Tommy. But up until now, Famke had been a virtual Ice Princess. Please, please…” Panic raced through me and suddenly I was crying. I imagined I could hear the sound of shelves being slid back into place. She was great in bed – hot, aggressive, almost like a tigress. I’d never dated anyone who could turn heads just by walking into the bar. I had thought that getting tied up was feeling helpless. According to Buckley, this may be due to a lack of a cooling mechanism.As he writes, normal matter can be slowed down by photons enough to gather together and accumulate.

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