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The law was designed with input from a constitutional-court judge, he adds.

Only the University of Crete is complying with the changes.

Meeting attendance was at a record high, and chat was full of references to fancy equipment purchases and Greek success in winning participation in European research-infrastructure programmes.

But as the financial crisis deepens and university and research spending, already among the lowest in Europe, shrink further, staying optimistic is a constant battle.

Implementation of the law has stalled because rectors are appealing to the Constitutional Court, claiming that the presence of external council members violates their academic independence.

Gravanis disagrees with this opposition: “It is shocking that academic leaders would show no respect for a law passed with huge parliamentary majority,” he says.

Academic salaries have been cut by 20% and university budgets have halved since the crisis began about two years ago.

Still, money from the European Commission and international grants is keeping the best Greek scientists committed to their work.

The academic leadership of the 18 publicly funded research centres in Greece is generally positive about the reforms.

Scientists' main concern, says Thomaidou, is that mid-career researchers like herself will survive the upheavals only to find that there is no new generation of researchers to succeed them, because poorly paid and financed research careers are unattractive.

“We keep our thoughts firmly on science and hope that things will get better — and that if everything is to be restructured, it will be done appropriately,” she says.

Some institutes and universities would be merged to reduce the fragmentation that has arisen in the past 30 years.

Expected to take effect this year, the plan also aims to break down barriers that make it difficult for scientists to move between institutions.

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