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EAST LANSING (MI) CNN January 30, 2018 By Eric Levenson (CNN)The legal reckoning with Larry Nassar's years of sexual abuse isn't over.

Nassar, the longtime former team doctor for USA Gymnastics and faculty member at Michigan State University, will return to court Wednesday morning for sentencing in Eaton County, Michigan, where he has pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal sexual conduct.

The student has recently moved residences but is worried that her ex-partner will try to find her.

She is also afraid that her ex-partner may try to find her at school and wants to make alternative class arrangements.

The Michigan attorney general's office said 57 victims are expected to speak out in court about Nassar's abuse, according to Eaton County Court Administrator Beryl Frenger.

You are grading papers in a conference room when the program coordinator appears in the doorway and asks if you’d like to go out and get something to eat.The student argues about assignments and turns them in late.On the most recent assignment you told the student their paper would receive fewer points because it was late. They became red in the face and grew increasingly agitated.The following are a series of hypothetical scenarios that you may face in your interactions with students, faculty or colleagues.Each scenario is accompanied by a list of helpful strategies and a video with recommendations from representatives of on-campus units and departments that are here to support you.

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