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In fact he missed her so much he had wired 10,000 marks to her bank account so that she could fly over to Germany and marry him....:eek: She was a lovely girl and had hit paydirt. Go to any internet cafe and you can see serried rows of sweet, dewy eyed young things chatting to about five - twenty guys on line at the same time. 'Can you send me some money to pay the internet cafe fees? 'My mom, gran is ill/dies and can I have some money for the doc/funeral'. The caribao has broken a leg and the vet says he can fit a wooden leg for 0.

I wish to learn about you as well to ask, that you have written to me about work and gathering your family also. Also I wish to ask, that you have sent me some pictures you. And finally they never want to go home on a visit, or even phone."Having spent a lot of time in the Far East I have to say that those young ladies do not appeal to me at all. I am not married and there is not a wife at me, I am very lucky to say this as some men have their wives at them all the time except when they want marital relations, when the wives disappear like the dew in the morning, leaving them to play with themselves and wake up with solution in hand.Funny you should say that, I was about to add the same to my posting. One of them had a letter in German and needed it translated.I speak a bit of German -- enough to ascertain that Rolf from Bochum missed his g/f and that fikken her was always on his mind etc etc.I work in fund of the help as the homeless and children - the orphan. Our organisation actively co-operates with "the Red Cross". For an entertainment I like to read books, to leave on walk in park, to visit a sports hall, also I like to go with friends to theatre and to listen, to calm music. Well dear, must rush, the champagne and caviar breakfast awaits me and I hope to hear from you soon.I leave on street and I distribute it meal because they do not have any money for this purpose. I wish to get acquainted with the serious person who is ready to begin serious relations. I want the favourite person who will be to me the friend also. I want, which you have written about work also as it is interesting to me also. I will tell you more about my decadent life style in my next email.

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