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Note that there will be new rules on July 1, 2017 where you must register with the authorities for and have to fly. In addition, your drone must after that date be insured against damage to another person's property for 750,000 Danish kroner. If there are red shavings, the area at this moment is used by the millitarian and you are grounded until the red disappears again.

Some programmes may require that you have passed ‘Danish Test 3’ (‘Danskprøve 3’). Note that as an international student you can take Danish lessons for free.

All higher education programmes in Denmark require a high standard of English.

Applicants to English-taught undergraduate and postgraduate programmes must, as a minimum, prove English proficiency comparable to 'English B' in the Danish upper secondary school (gymnasium).

The institution in Denmark will require certified copies of your educational qualifications.

That is, you must provide copies with original stamps and signatures, or have two people who are not related to you sign the back of the copy with their name, address and birth date.

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Non-Danish citizens who do not have a Danish entrance examination are eligible for admission if they have qualifications recognised as being comparable to Danish entrance qualifications.

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