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The penalty for violating that rule would lead to the store being shut down.

Also on that day, schoolgirls are prohibited from wearing anything red – not even a red scarf.

Many actions that are considered illegal have no actual written laws to ban them – a lot of them are not even addressed in the Quran.

Some of these bans also occur in other countries, but this list is specifically about Saudi Arabia since I was born there and I grew up (along with millions of others) shackled by these laws.

If anyone converts from Islam or abandons religion, they face the death penalty.

It is a country that considers all its citizens to be Muslim and any non-Muslim expats have to abide by its strict rules as well.All of this is in an effort to prevent non-Muslims from sharing their ideas with Muslims and possibly converting them.Banned: Women working in certain jobs Women are not allowed to do most of the jobs that men can do in Saudi Arabia.Islamic classes have lessons outwardly proclaiming that music is forbidden.Those who master singing or playing an instrument either teach themselves, are taught by a tutor or learn abroad.

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Any girl that shows up to school with a hint of red is barred from entry and is sent home to change whatever it is that is red.

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