Windows form control validating validated

You now need two validations, one that checks if the entered value is valid, another one that checks if there are no missing values.

You get this by accepting an empty string in the Validation event handler.

(Try my example with and without that line, to see what I mean.) My problems from yesterday (it would appear) stem mostly from not understanding the Validate Children method and from my setting the Ok button Dialog Result property to Dialog Result. I apologize in advance for how long this question ended up being.

If I could show you all the real application, it would make more sense as to why this is so important.

I have a windows form project in which I want to force the user to enter values in certain fields before he presses the calculate button at the bottom.

The fields include three pairs of radio buttons, five text boxes and one combo box.

Anyway, thanks to Sw Dev Man81 and Hans Passant I am starting from a much better place than yesterday.Comment/question: Was there any design issue with adopting Web Forms validation (awesome), to Windows Forms?There seems to be a document in MSDN that shows how to (and I think is where I'll need to painfully go or see what happens if I use multiple forms), dated....early 2004...maybe if not part of the release...a downloadable update? If I'm not, well, then after reading the MSDN doc I mention, circa 2004, even then it was already realized that it just isn't a "solution" at all. url=/library/en-us/dnforms/html/winforms03162004I guess what I expected was sort of an ASP.Moreover, I want to set a maximum value set for most of these text boxes which the user cannot exceed. Controls If Type Of ctrl Is Text Box Then If Numeric Validate = Is Numeric(ctrl.text) Then Message Box. Name) Numeric Validate = False Exit Function Else Numeric Validate = True End If End If Next End Function Private Sub cmd Calculate_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles cmd Save.Please let me know what is the simplest way to achieve this. Currently, I am using the message boxes to communicate this to the user i.e. Cancel = True End If End Sub 'You can try this code----- 'Function for null validate for particular type of controls in your form Function Null Validate() As Boolean Null Validate = True For Each ctrl As Control In Me.

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