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If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places you may want to jump online with other Colorado lonely hearts this Sunday.

According to the online dating sites, Plenty of Fish and Tinder, the first Sunday following the New Year has statistically proven to be the busiest dating day of the year.

The 26-year-old aspiring actor, tap dancer and writer has a full-time job at the Apple Store in Pasadena and says the economy "hasn't affected me that much." Still, he said, when he goes out, "You're trying to save money as best you can without telling the girl you're saving money.""It's a very thin line between sort of being that man and also understanding that I may not have the money right now," he added.

Financial stress is a difficult topic to discuss, regardless of relationship status.

Not only does the new year mean looking for a new partner, but flipping the calendar also has the notoriety of painful breakups as divorce lawyers say a surge of filings fall on the first Monday after Christmas break, which has been dubbed “Divorce Day.” According to the U. law firm Slater and Gordon, the number of divorce inquiries can double – and sometimes even triple – in the first few days of January. "It's uncomfortable."Wendy Rice, a 33-year-old chef from Hollywood, said she'd also experienced an unusually high frequency of daters playing "chicken" with the bill."Some guy took me out to dinner at Benihana's and he only brought 0. You're taking me out,' " said Rice, who, on the Craigslist ad she posted last week, asked, "What happened to date night? Psychologist Diana Kirschner speculates it's because American men derive so much self-worth from their jobs."A lot of self-esteem and self-love and the identity of being a powerful person is tied up with work in this culture," said Kirschner, a New York City relationship expert and author of the dating guidebook "Love in 90 Days." "It can really stress people out if they're out of work or financially challenged or feel like they can't do their normal courting routine."But even though less income often means lower self-esteem, it doesn't have to be that way, Kirschner said."When there's less money available to go on fancier dates, people can have a very simple connection that's even more fulfilling," she said." "Another guy took me out and said he forgot his wallet."Rice didn't believe him."You left your house. Doing things like going for a walk means there's more talking.And where "there's more talking, there's more sharing, so there's intimacy. You wind up being more real with each other," she said."It's not about impressing the other person, because you can't [afford] to impress them."That's been the experience of Johnnie Hobbs of North Hollywood.

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