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But it still comes down to punching a big bag of hit points.

Enter Unicornus Knights, a refreshingly unique solitaire/co-op game with its own paradigm.

In Game Informer’s preview, they note that it’s one of many changes to the Metro formula.

Instead of hoarding and bartering with ammo, players will need to scavenge junk and craft it into parts at a workstation Fallout 4 style.

The other alternative is punching something with a lot of hit points until you win.

At some point, the presence is just going to kill them or drive them mad. So after subjecting its lost characters to brutality, exhaustion, and terror, it does something different and a little silly.The script leans a little too hard into exploring the main character’s psyche, which is problematic when he’s the least interesting character.At least Rafe Spall is pretty good at doing least interesting.Want to play a cool game where secret destinies unite allies and enemies, interesting characters navigate a randomized map, and love conquers all?First, allow me to introduce Princess Cornelia, who is going to screw it all up.

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