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The Group's stage names are "Chilli" (Kimi), "Tricky" (Wai Hnin), "Missy" (Cha Cha), "Electro" (Htike Htike) and "Baby" (Ah Moon).

Their early performances followed traditional K-Pop style, a popular form of music originating from South Korea.

Burma's Ministry of Information said Mr Binotti had left the country but gave no further details on his whereabouts.The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Yangon is offering “support to the family of a British national following a death”, a spokesman said, adding the embassy is “in touch with the local authorities”.The Me N Ma Girls (formerly known as The Tiger Girls) is the first all-girl pop hip hop dance ensemble from Myanmar discovered by Australian dancer Nicole "Nikki" May and Burmese entrepreneur U Moe Kyaw in 2010.In January 2010, May auditioned 120 women at the 50th Street Bar in Yangon.Five young ladies, Ah Moon, Cha Cha, Htike Htike, Kimi and Wai Hnin were chosen and formed the original group.

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