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He and his colleagues also recommend that app-builders consider adding extra security – for example, by encrypting sensitive data stored on mobile devices, or adding ways to detect the improper storage of such data.

“Mobile devices are an attractive attack vector that can be exploited, as most of us have one or more such devices with us around most of the time and these devices can see and hear things around us,” he says.

“In fact, our mobile devices and apps are likely to know more about us than our partners do.” This is not Tinder’s first security scare, despite the sensitivity of the information it handles.

In 2013, a different group found that the app could be hacked to reveal a user’s latitude and longitude.

She asked for the password.“I thought there was no harm and I would just change the password right after.

It was the password to a Gmail ID I never use anyway,” the young woman wrote.

He nearly tricked another but she was a bit smarter.

She asked for my apple ID, then my google-circles ID (Google ?

Choo and his team think that information could actually be useful in a courtroom, either by allowing prosecutors to reconstruct the events before a crime or by helping defendants support their alibi.

“I was stupid enough to give private information to 'a friend’,” the young women said, describing how she was conned in a terrifying ordeal that saw her private pictures plastered over the web.

On Tinder – the popular swipe-right-or-left app with a reported 50 million users – they were able to pull up images of all of the profiles that the person had viewed, and records of whether or not they had matched.

They also found the user’s Facebook token, a string of numbers and letters that could let them identify and access that person’s account.

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Dating is all about exchanging information to find a match.

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