John deere dealer consolidating

The North American agricultural machinery manufacturing industry currently includes about 1,100 companies, but it’s likely there will be increased consolidation among ag equipment makers as the ag market continues to struggle in the current economy.

“Well capitalized industry players have used the current market conditions to strengthen their strategic position, by adding technology and capabilities, product lines and expanding their dealer and market access.

County Commissioner Polly Glynn notified fellow commissioners of the project on Tuesday, saying once a purchase is finalized, owners will begin to apply for the required permits.

The site is zoned for agriculture and since the company is agriculture-based, will not require rezoning.

The site will also require a conditional use permit, due to its anticipated township location; and installing a turn lane from Highway 16 will need to be addressed, according to the discussion.

Commissioner Jerry Reinartz wondered if new jobs would be created at the site.

Since 1837, John Deere has delivered innovative products of superior quality, built on a tradition of integrity.In , Newt Lingenfelter, business and product development manager, expressed some of his frustrations of the factory-direct distribution model with Hagie CEO Alan Hagie.In the video, “Hagie Unfiltered,” Lingenfelter says that while factory-direct has worked for the company’s current product lineup, the product portfolio Hagie will be introducing was going to require a new approach to distribution.A change in distribution model is a significant part of the Hagie deal.For most of its 70 years, the sprayer manufacturer has sold its equipment through a factory-direct model that included in-field service technicians and salespeople.

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