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You just need to get through Day by day Have strength, think of me Baby think about me All night long We are together right now In our dreams, it’s just us two As we make our happy moments Shalala lala shalala lala Good night Let’s meet in our dreams Think of me Come see me Baby good night, good night How was your night? Like those dead leaves there that have fallen and are flying My love is collapsing without strength Your heart is only going further away, I can’t grab you I can’t grab you any more more more I can’t hold on more, yeah Over there, the autumn leaves that look like they’re at stake Seem like they’re looking at us If our hands touch, even if it’s all at once It only seems like it’s going to be crumbs I just only looked with the winds of autumn – The speech and facial expressions that have gotten colder all of a sudden – I can only see our relationship withering – Like the autumn sky, it’s empty between us An ambiguous difference that is different from before A night that’s much more quiet today A single autumn leaf that’s attached to the branch It’s breaking, I can see the thing called the end The dead leaves that are becoming shriveled The silence inside your aloof heart Please don’t fall Please don’t fall, the dead leaf that’s becoming crumbs I want you who makes eye contact with me I want you who wants me again Please don’t fall Please don’t collapse Never never fall Don’t go far far away Baby you girl I can’t hold onto you Baby you girl I can’t give up on you Like the dead leaves that fell This love, like the dead leaves Never never fall It’s withering As if every autumn leaf has fallen As if everything that seemed eternal is going further away You’re my fifth season Because even if I try to see you, I can’t Look, to me, you’re still green Even if our hearts aren’t walking, it walks by itself Our foolishness, like laundry, is being hung piece by piece Only the bright memories are dirty, it falls on me Even if I don’t shake my branch, it keeps falling That’s right, in order to raise my love, it falls Even if we’re close, my two eyes become further, spreads further – Like this, being thrown out Inside my memories, I become young again Never never fall yeah Never never fall yeah I want you who makes eye contact with me I want you who wants me again Please don’t fall Please don’t collapse Never never fall Don’t go far far away Why can I still not give up on you? The lost seasons I try to restore, I try to restore them Blaze them brightly, flare It was all pretty, wasn’t it?His "romantic" scenes with Ahn Yo Na bring the roof down all the times! She's just on her fitst year so it is quite acceptable that she behaves that way and most korean drama fale leads are like that Story itself is interesting and kept me watching on but the acting was really putting me off.... i also like to have another drama like this and also waiting to see Stop talking about this Segi and Rijin thingy guys...I found myself thinking over a lot of stuff said in this show. especially the lead actress - I'm sure it was mentioned that she's supposed to be very smart but it just doesn't come across. Yes, Segi was sexy, handsome and charismatic BUT he acted like a child.This is too shocking.” Another wrote, “This is like Big Bang’s song, Lie.I can’t believe this.” Another group of netizens however gave their thumbs up, “If the scandal is true, the guy is suave and the girl is pretty, they are really compatible actually.” T. P and Shim Min Ah management agencies have both issued statements to the media denying that any of this reported scandal was true by any accounts.YG Entertainment said in an interview with SPN Edaily, “Big Bang has been busy with their activities, thus this scandal is bordering on the ridiculous.

I dont know why many people dislike Hwang Jeung Eum and her acting saying that HJE Is over acting... Everything is Perfect, The Plot, The Cast, And the PLOT TWIST was very unpredictable! The brain of the scriptwriter is really in the whole another level! It was really the best, He Became Bad Boy, Girl, Old Man, Little Girl in this series! I had to skip a lot of boring scenes and stop watching at Ep 15.

hi guys, so I started this drama, just seen the first episode. Thank you so much for trying hard and giving this lovely experience to us In the first episodes i loved the couple Dohyun and Rijin so much but when Segi keeps appearing with his attractive personnality and his charming,his dealing with rijin, he killed everything he became the focus of the story to me, in every episode i watch i wait for him to appear and i find the epi so empty without him..despite he is the same cha dohyun but i don't like and feel the love between dohyun and Rijin nor his pain his happiness.Shin Segi This drama is so good! But the top of all the prefections is Ji Sung's acting, daebak! All of the characters, Do Hyun, Se Gi, Perry, Nana, Yoo Suk, Yoo Na, Mr. The idea that one personality was jealous of the other is something we can relate too. Speechless huhu Acting - 11/10, Story/ Plot - 8/10, Characters - 9/10, Music - 8/10, Overall entertainment - 8/10 If I divide this series in half, I'd give it a perfect score for the first half, but things kind'a went downhill for me after all the personalities have come out. Maybe just a few too many moving parts, and just a bit pretentious, but definitely some of my all-time favorite TV.

so far, I'm not really liking it but i know the ratings are good. does the main girl falls in love with bad se jin because that will piss me off? There's always times when feel like we have to be a certain person to others but also times when we have to be another contradictory person. After that, I felt that they were trying too hard to sell me the "great, big, shocking" secret of the past which was too much for me-- perhaps it was too great and shocking that I found it really absurd, I dunno~. it really excites me how cha do hyun changes into different lersonality. It's smooth without being arrogant and it remembers to keep the far-fetched elements in the setup instead of the resolution.

I don't have to explain , watchers have to understand it. Kill Me Heal Me is one of the best drama i've watched so far..

Jisung truly nailed every character especially Shin Se Gi and Ahn Yona .again TQ for your help .. @Jc (Numbers represent order which event occured) -3) Ri Jin (not her real name btw) was kidnapped, hidden away in a basement and abused by Joon Pyo.

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The messages are powerful and equally well delivered by excellent execution. Like the previous comment says, she's constantly screaming and making a fuss out of nothing - no wonder people think she's the patient! He could quite control himself around Rijin but in any other situation he was a VERY dangerous person.

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