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Nasty Juice is one of the top e-juice brands in Malaysia, which is known to proffer you a rich, fruity and also smooth vaping experience.You can say that Nasty Juice is a household name in Malaysia and it is more popular for the organic taste of their e-juices.This flavor should be on the top of your list if you are a cloud chaser, as you will not find such awesome flavor in any other e-liquid.Also, if you love lower min variants, then this is for you.Perfect for a hot day, the rich fruity flavor of this e-juice will overpower your senses in just a few seconds.The demand of this e-juice has increased tremendously in just a few months may be the mellow tasting is the reason, don’t you want to find out why this e-liquid is getting so famous? This Nasty Juice Fat Boy Yellow e-liquid is far from nasty and is simply delicious to vape.Your e-juice bottles will be worth to keep and your vaping will become more stylish.There are thousands of Nasty Juice customers, who can vouch for the brand.

In the Yummy Fruity series of Nasty Juice, the most amazing flavor is this Cush Man Yellow, which contains a smooth ripe mango flavor.With low mint and moderate cooling effect, this flavor will boast an ultimate taste.Who doesn’t love tropical mangoes…this flavor you’ll feel like you are biting into a super juice mango.This flavor will open up in your mouth and the hidden sweetness will emerge gradually. This is definitely the flavor to love, especially if you are a fan of honeydew melons.Devil teeth is the honeydew flavor and it is super juicy and soft.

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