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and say all kinds of crazy things they wouldn’t say if they had more time to think about it. • Be kind to yourself Don’t go over all the stuff you did wrongly or rightly before you knew you were an aspie. You are a good and wonderful person, and there’s a whole world of aspies out here waiting to say Hi!

You’ll have done the best you could, and all without a vital piece of self-knowledge. Related content: » Asperger’s in Women » It’s Okay to Want a Diagnosis!

There’s of what people said to me, along with my (weary-sounding) replies.

Use mine, or think up your own answers, but remember that other people might be shocked, embarrassed, incredulous, etc.

Some of us need a diagnosis, to prove to ourselves or to others, that “there really is something else”.

Do your homework Even if you’re afraid that researching the subject will lay you open to accusations of “making yourself more aspie” just to get a diagnosis, it’s important to visit your GP armed with facts. • Visiting your doctor Depending on your doctor, you might find instant understanding and care, or the complete reverse.

Identifying with symptoms from an aspie perspective will be great for your own confidence, but if you’re going to convince a medic, you need to speak to him in his own language; read the “Triad of Impairments” and pick out those with which you have particular issues. Either way, the first question he/she will ask you is, “why do you think you have Asperger’s syndrome?

If you are reading this page, it’s likely that you’re looking for more information about Asperger’s syndrome, because you suspect you (or a family member) might have it.

You’ve googled it, read the symptoms, and identify with them. Not everyone wants to be labelled with something as defining as autism; but for the rest of us, identifying with Asperger’s syndrome (and maybe going on to get a formal diagnosis) has been the most positive moment in our lives, and provided a crucial turning point.

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