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The true-crime thriller is about 1973 kidnapping of J. The Hathaway project also comes after the company just announced that Melissa Mc Carthy will star in , an R-rated live-action/puppet movie from director Brian Henson.

Noteworthy that a number of the pictures STXfilms are either producing or distributing either star or have been directed by women.

We present new deep learning architectures that preserve the multi-dimensional information in data end-to-end.

As part of our work, we regularly push the limits of scalability in cutting-edge ML algorithms.

We’ve found that in many cases, designing the systems we build around the core algorithms is as important as designing the algorithms themselves.

I will describe the underlying lightweight hierarchical parameter server architecture that results in high efficiency in distributed settings.

Pushing the current boundaries of deep learning requires using multiple dimensions and modalities.

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