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That was nearly 3 years ago & we've been back to drinking every night ever since.

The days are long & at night it's the easiest way to wind down.

Hi Anna, Sorry to see you have not had a reply to your thread yet....

hi i need to admit that i do have a prob' with alcohol , that is the first time i have EVER written that down & now i have started i dont want to stop writing/ talking !! I have always drunk , & think prob'way more than my friends .

I really want to break the habit but I don't know how to beat that craving for a glass of wine at night.

Does anyone have any good ideas or tips of how to wind down when it's late at the end of a stressful day?

wen boys r in bed and liek u say chill and crack open but yeh it is will power and i found if its not inthe house u dont drink in the weeek !!

or if we sit in the garden its like oo shal we have drink lol but thi week going try not drink in the week we could have our own little on line group lol !!

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