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and will include three days of interdisciplinary and interactive programming of art, food, education, city policy and technology before two days of outdoor live music from national and local bands.

“At this point everything from parts of Live It Out—which is the most raw, sort of punk just straight-up rock band—to parts of Pagans where there’s no rock at all, and probably something like ‘Help I’m Alive’ is the thing that resides right in the middle.Since then, bassist Joshua Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key joined the band, together renaming it Metric.The band will return to Pittsburgh for the sixth time to headline this year’s Thrival Festival in Hazelwood on Sept. Thrival is an initiative of a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit Thrill Mill, Inc.“We recorded the album last summer while on tour with Imagine Dragons, but we were so busy, and it was a classic Metric thing where we probably bit off more than we could chew,” Shaw says with a soft laugh, noting that when the band wrapped the tour the release date for Pagans was only a month away, which meant being slammed with promo and press—leaving little time to give a yet another new album any thought.“We didn’t even really get a chance to listen to what we’d done in the summer until almost Christmas, when we had the space of mind to sit down in the studio and listen with some sort of objective view on what we’d done.” Listening back to the tracks made the band realize the album was nowhere near finished, Shaw recalls, but he adds that there was a positive flip-side to that in the sense that there was also the opportunity to make the record so much more than originally planned.

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