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The risk of disease can be reduced by preventing mosquito bites through the use of mosquito nets and insect repellents, or with mosquito control measures such as spraying insecticides and draining standing water.Resistance among the parasites has developed to several antimalarial medications; for example, chloroquine-resistant P.It is caused by parasites surviving in the blood as a result of inadequate or ineffective treatment.Relapse is when symptoms reappear after the parasites have been eliminated from blood but persist as dormant hypnozoites in liver cells. Reinfection means the parasite that caused the past infection was eliminated from the body but a new parasite was introduced.vivax infections, The parasite is relatively protected from attack by the body's immune system because for most of its human life cycle it resides within the liver and blood cells and is relatively invisible to immune surveillance.

The sporozoites are injected into the skin, in the saliva, when the mosquito takes a subsequent blood meal.They usually start searching for a meal at dusk and will continue throughout the night until taking a meal.Symptoms of malaria can recur after varying symptom-free periods.Depending upon the cause, recurrence can be classified as either recrudescence, relapse, or reinfection.Recrudescence is when symptoms return after a symptom-free period.

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When a fertilized mosquito bites an infected person, gametocytes are taken up with the blood and mature in the mosquito gut.

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