Samir nasri dating tatiana golovin

L’ex cham­pionne de tennis deve­nue consul­tante pour « Be IN Sport » a en effet annoncé via sa page « Twitter » sa grossesse.

« Un petit Bonne­val Junior arrive bien­tôt » a t-elle écrit sur « Twit­ter », photo à l’appui.

Agée de 27 ans, Tatiana Golo­vin est embarquée dans une relation amoureuse avec Hugo Bonne­val, joueur de rugby du Stade Français, âgé de 23 ans.

Samir Nasri was together with attractive Anara Atanes until 2015. ” The international, good for a salary of around nine million euros a year at Manchester City, tried to calm his girlfriend: “Love you, don’t get upset.

Their breach was made public when he posted a picture on Instagram with the caption: ,, Being alone is much better than fake company. Sometimes life is unfair but you have to accept it and deal with it.” But fortunately we still have the pictures as Anara Atanes isn’t exactly a punishment to look at.

Nasri, 21, had brought along his French tennis player girlfriend Tatiana Golovin.

The 21-year-old, who lives with Nasri in Hampstead, wore a purple string bikini and shades as she sunbathed.

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Recently, he has become a scoring and passing machine.

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