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Therefore, I personally believe that maintaining a true platonic friendship with a person of the opposite sex is possible.More than that, I think it is actually to creating a normalized, robust, and nuanced understanding of the world around.I did some reading on this subject and I found a great little op-ed piece in the that somewhat contradicts the academic paper.

From my personal experience, I have lived through all three possible scenarios of platonic friendships.But, I also have been in a few longstanding purely platonic friendships where I can safely say that neither party had any interest in the other.I bet that if you think about platonic friendships in your life, you will see that you had all three scenarios as well.If said Cuddlrs wish to continue their interaction after that it is their choice, but not built into the Cuddlr interface.Cuddlr even goes so far as to, “Encourage you to consider cuddling with people you wouldn’t date, sleep with, or even find attractive- as well as those you would.” Cuddlr also allows members to rate the experience for future users.

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