Advice for consoladating school loans

There is an often missed little trick when it comes to wage garnishments with federal student loans. What I'm about to tell you is a legitimate option and not some shady or sneaky trick.

Using this solution you can get out of a wage garnishment and bring your loans current again, fairly quickly.

Strategies to Reduce Payments We can explain longer term strategies that reduce federal student loan payments.

This would get you back on a ten year loan elimination payment.

We want to give borrowers the very best advice for repaying loans and taking advantage of resources available to help ease the burden. Appointments are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and can be done either in-person, by phone, or Skype. 6 Things Every Person Should Know About Student Loans Settling in a routine that demands balancing classes, studying, working part-time and having some fun will not only be a challenge, but will also take some time.

While in college, don't put your student loans on auto-pilot.

I want to know what I can ask for in order to release myself from garnishment forever.

I am starting a new job in the next week or so and I do not want my garnishment to be known at the new company. Susan Dear Susan, I'm assuming these are federal student loans you are struggling with since you mentioned the five payment solution.

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