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Unless you can invent an anti-aging device (which would make you a billionaire), you need to embrace your wrinkles; just not in photographs!The old wives’ tale which states that worrying helps you develop wrinkles is patently ironic.They contain chemicals that either speed up or exaggerate the aging process. Ingredients in skin care products that may cause wrinkles include: sulphate (found in body wash, shampoo, cleaning solutions, and cleansers), alcohols (benzyl alcohol and ethanol methanol remove natural oils from the skin and cause premature aging), as well as DEA, MEA, and TEA (ammonia compounds that dry out skin). There are many common factors in premature aging, including weight.It doesn't matter if you are too thin or too heavy; either one can make you appear older. Unfortunately, unless you’re Dorian Gray and have an extremely hideous portrait hidden in your basement, age will eventually catch up with you.However, you can use the Wrinkle Reduction feature on Pink Mirror to give yourself a blast from past to a time when you were a little younger but not nearly as wise as you are now!Poor nutrition causes the skin to wrinkle and show signs of age.

When we age our skin becomes drier, thinner and less ‘elastic’ which reduces its ability to protect itself from damage.– Genetics: If your parents developed wrinkles fairly early in life, this increases your chances of enduring the same fate.– Facial Expressions: As we mentioned above, repeated frowning, squinting and smiling will lead to wrinkles because every time we use a facial muscle a groove forms beneath the skin.With skincare items geared towards both prevention Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process.However, they typically begin to appear once you reach your mid-twenties to early thirties. According to a study by Olay, 23and Me, and a group of Harvard researchers, there are noticeable differences in the skin during each decade of life.

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