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Casey Marie Anthony is an American citizen, who has become a sensation after being linked with the mysterious disappearance and later death of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony in 2008.Casey was born in the 19th of March, 1986 and in 2015, her age is 29 years old.But DNA tests showed that the father was not her husband, that made matters worse and their marriage was on the verge of divorce.In the July of 2008, Casey’s child Cindy disappeared mysteriously and when her father went to see her, she was at her boyfriend’s house.She was born in Warren, Ohio, United States of America to father George Anthony and mother Cindy Anthony, who are normal middle class working people.She was their only daughter born after one son and was brought up in all care and had a normal childhood.

Her breasts are size 34 B, and her feet size in 7; standard size.

Cindy says she talks to Casey, who lives in South Florida, on the phone and says they’re reconnecting.

Cindy says she has to forgive her daughter or she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.

By 2015, her estimated net worth is arund hundred thousand US dollars.

George and Cindy Anthony are still together, and they take very different approaches to their daughter, according to an Investigation Discovery documentary that concluded Tuesday.

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In July 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted of first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee.

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