Updating java in windows

If you get new software, it might come with a version-specific JAVA requirement so watch out for that.As for uninstalling it altogether, that could be problematic for various applications but you should find that out pretty quickly ("Oh, the backup software can't load...."). If you look at your task manager (Windows) at the processes and you see JAVA.As a matter of fact, I don't know what it does for my system.I hope you don't find my question naive, but do I even need it?

If you had the documentation for all of your software items, the system requirements section might specify JAVA version xx. For example, Symantec/Norton products usually use JAVA as a basis. Not every product does; some are based on other development systems such as Microsoft . As for using an older version: Many people are still using Windows XP and Oracle has capped versions that will run under XP because, well, they don't want to test under XP.

EXE using the processor, that could be a sign you need JAVA.

JAVASCRIPT is a scripting language based on JAVA that usually runs websites.

If you uninstalled JAVA, the application you downloaded or licensed would stop working.

Today, Oracle owns JAVA run-time so it is more of a separate upgrade rather than being controlled by the applications that you run and, yes, you could wind up with multiple versions of JAVA if you run some older software that require it. The only way to tell is to uninstall JAVA and see what happens.

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