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Jamaican school children are killing each other at a whim.Having sex in public and recording it on cell phones.It was at champs last year that the so called”blue tooth express” was born.One of the principal appears to be pleading for peace. In the Bellefield High School stabbing incident the principal at that school said students will get counseling.

Teenagers, cell phone, a knife, egos with much to prove and sexually charges.

Before long Lexa opens her lovely legs a little and photographer nestles the camera between her thighs with her pussy and ass filling your view to take in the gorgeous bumscape.

Her skin glistens beautifully in the light with every pore and goose bump bristling with detail.

It is really amusing to see the media and everyone else act outrage wondering where all this behavior is coming from.

Barbara Gloudon had an interesting column about the whole fracas in schools at the link below.

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