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Kareem and Malcolm do so, but, while resting after covering the cases, the leaked nitroglycerin eventually gets into contact with the sun and explodes, killing the two.Meanwhile, underground, Annie begins to suffer from pulmonary edema.Cyril is able to climb back up, but an avalanche throws him over the edge of a steep cliff.Monique pulls herself up and radios base camp that Cyril has been killed.

Each team takes different entry points up the mountain to increase chances of success.Peter, who initially radioed Tom to turn around, stands by the radio and begins to hear Annie using Morse code to inform base camp that they are alive.Peter manages to assemble a rescue mission with some of the climbers at base camp, including brothers, Cyril and Malcolm (Le Marquand and Mendelsohn), Monique Aubertine (Izabella Scorupco), Kareem Nazir (Alexander Siddig), and Skip Taylor (Robert Taylor).Skip and Peter also visit the reclusive Montgomery Wick (Glenn), reported to be the world’s best climber and foremost expert on K2, who agrees to join in the rescue attempt to reach the team before they die of pulmonary edema.Skip is unable to go as Wick says he needs someone he can trust at base camp directing the mission.

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  2. Maybe they're afraid they'll get cooties, but this is high school so I doubt it's that—but it sure feels that way. Unless, it was a group of trans kids…and that's a whole different story worthy of its own sitcom. We giggled a lot, and had fun on our "playdates." We peck-kissed a couple of times.