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But when you are home, you realize — you have no idea what to do with them. What you’ll find is a list of other foods that go particularly well with ramps: asparagus, bacon, butter, carrots, chicken, chives, cream, cured meats, etc. Few food books in recent memory have excited me as much as this one — perhaps because it really isn’t a cookbook at all.

Some of the foods are in bold, meaning they go particularly well with ramps: Parmesan cheese, pasta, new potatoes. Instead of prescribed, carefully measured recipes, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg give us an insight into the minds of ‘America’s most imaginative chefs’ to inspire the reader to create new dishes based on imaginative and harmonious flavor.

“I really wanted to encompass our relationship in a glass,” he says.

To make the infused gin, Phillips skinned and chopped fresh red beets and put them in a jar with the gin for three days.

Food writers Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg stopped by with a preview copy of their latest cookbook, THE FLAVOR BIBLE. It definitely deserves a spot on my kitchen shelf next to The Joy of Cooking! So many of you say you don’t know what foods go together if they’re not already wrapped up in a frozen burrito.

Read Andrea Strong’s review of the book on The Strong Buzz.” “This. This book takes out every single ounce of guesswork.

The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg Photography by Barry Salzman (Little, Brown; Fall 2008) On the heels of the authors’ pioneering 1996 work on flavor composition (2008) has been more readily embraced by professional chefs and home cooks, not to mention dietitians and mixologists, all around the globe as a comprehensive reference of contemporary compatible flavors that inspires their creations.

Named by is available in English and has been translated into other languages including Chinese, French, German, and Russian.

I tried to take a beautiful photograph of it, but there’s no taking away the smudged fingerprints and dented corners. But he has taught me how to cook from feel, from experience, rather than from recipes alone.

There’s not a single recipe for the novice cook, but if you know how to handle your proteins, grains, and plants, you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the possible ideas inside, many of which come from the best chefs of this generation.

I’m averaging about three pages an hour because I’m constantly testing ideas against my mental palate — a remarkable pleasure.” “Cooking the Books with Ellen Clark.

J.), Traci Des Jardins from jardinière (San Francisco), Homaro Cantu from moto (Chicago), Michael Lomonaco of Porter House (NYC), and José Andrés (cookbook author and TV personality) that help explain why and how they create their culinary masterpieces.

Give this book to someone who loves to cook; chances are they’ll reward you with a fabulous meal prepared with you in mind.” “Beets At the Root of this Honey and Tarragon Cocktail: All Things Considered’s Found Recipes series isn’t just about food.

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’), which together create the ultimate goal of ‘deliciousness.’ They follow with carefully organized charts for every ingredient, type of cuisine, and culinary term imaginable, indicating taste, flavor function, commonly used cooking techniques, tips, flavor affinities, and incompatibilities.

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