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Wildlife includes many threatened species including tigers and Asian elephants.

More than 340 different species of birds can be found in this region.

The Himalayan range is made up of three parallel ranges often referred to as the Greater Himalayas, the Lesser Himalayas, and the Outer Himalayas.

Ecology: While intimidating mountains like Everest and 2K tend to dominate our perceptions of the region, the Himalayas are rich in biodiversity.

In the northeast, temperate sub-alpine conifer forests are found at elevations of 8,200 to 13,800 ft.

And while the full effect of those is best felt in my advanced professional metric version, the recipe below is a simplified take that has their spirit fully in mind.

The intent of both recipes is to get as close to how these were originally made and, arguably, should still be made. Before you dig into the recipe, please know that a big part of what makes these waffles special is pearl sugar.

There’s no good substitute, but The Waffle Pantry offers the real deal (straight from Belgium) at reasonable prices.

Here there is a wide range of plant life thanks to the areas varied topography, soil types, and rainfall levels.

Forest types include subtropical dry evergreen, northern dry mixed deciduous forests, moist mixed deciduous forests, subtropical broadleaf forests, northern tropical semi-evergreen forests, and northern tropical wet evergreen forests.

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