Dating mxr distortion pedal

Rowland S Howard (The Birthday Party/These Immortal Souls/Crime & the City Solution/Solo albums) also used this pedal across his career.

The MXR Vintage Script Logo Distortion turned out to be a surprising pedal for me. A distortion pedal with two knobs that’s been around since the ‘70s shouldn’t be much of a surprise by now. There’s a certain tone from this pedal that sort of straddles both the overdrive/distortion and fuzz spectrums in such a simple and effective way that you don’t see much of nowadays.

An original Distortion can go for a lot on e Bay these days and arrive in sketchy condition.

The brighter, snarling growl of the Distortion will make those darker neck pickups come alive.

Conversely, bright bridge pickups can sound shrill quickly. Simple to use, yet you can achieve many different classic tones with it. But if you want to get your ‘70’s -‘80’s vibe on, this might be just the ticket.

It has been cloned many times, most famously by the DOD 250 Overdrive (a distortion).

The pedal uses a single op-amp and a pair of germanium diodes to ground (parallel-push) for clipping in a very simple configuration with only Output and Distortion controls, no tone control; the pedal uses no discrete transistors.

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I realize this is a replica of the original, but I wonder if it possible to take the original design and upgrade it for today’s musician?

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